Terms & Conditions

Processing Personal Data of End Users Please read this document carefully and give your consent at the bottom. This document contains the terms and conditions of processing personal data by Shili Media Group LLC (Here in after referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”). In order to gain access to Shili Media Group, we ask you to provide your personal information (“Personal Data”). All information you disclose is confidential and protected from unauthorized disclosure, tampering, or damage. Your participation is voluntary.

According to the Terms and Conditions, you give your consent to use your personal data in accordance with the following conditions: Subject and purpose of data collection/data processing Shili Media Group, limited liability corporation (LLC), including its subsidiaries, affiliates, divisions, contractors, and all data sources and suppliers, (collectively “Shili Media Group”, “we”, “us” or “our”) is a global online platform where opinions are expressed, acknowledged and transformed into universally accessible visualized data with the intention of inducing a civilization that is inspired by the freely created opinions of the majority, which are supported by unbiased information.

Shili Media Group provides access to a system where users can:

  • Create polar questions (Yes/No questions) about current articles (the “survey questions”). This is done via the backend.
  • Answer the survey questions. It is important to note that all analysis of the survey results such as reports, statistical tables, charts, graphics or other visual forms (“statistical reports”), is always aggregated into statistical information without compromising individual votes.

For these purposes Shili Media Group asks you to provide your personal data. It will be used by Shili Media Group to create statistical reports based on personal opinions about different news articles, items, issues, topics, and other internet sources which users link while creating their survey questions in order to help other users understand the general context of these survey questions (the “articles”).

Shili Media Group provides you with access to our services only after you create an account in Shili Media Group as defined in the Privacy Policy in the part “Registration in Shili Media Group”. As soon as you sign the Terms and Conditions and finish the whole registration process in the Shili Media Group (the “registration”), your personal data will be transferred to Shili Media Group and you will become a Shili Media Group user (the “user”). Becoming a Shili Media Group user contains the right to express your opinion by voluntary participation in survey questions and/or the right to create survey questions. Shili Media Group controls personal data. It collects and processes personal data only for the purposes of Shili Media Group activities.

Shili Media Group respects your privacy and complies with Dutch and international data protection law. Personal data During your registration in Shili Media Group we ask you to provide personal data which includes your name, birth date, gender, education level, location (city), language preference, and/or other categories of personal data which Shili Media Group will decide to include in the future. Providing this personal data is optional, and it determines the amount of information in statistical reports the user will be able to see after responding to the survey questions. This means providing your personal data gives access to the corresponding aggregated data in the statistics reports. It is possible, at any point, to remove and/or add personal data, and that will immediately change the extent of access to the relevant statistical reports.

Shili Media Group can collect, process, store and use your technical information such as cookies, and/or other technologies, and subsidiary analytical software as described in our Cookies Policy, and in accordance with Dutch and international law. The statistical information of your activities in your Shili Media Group account can be used for improvement of our system including security policies, but not limited to those alone. We collect information from your mobile device about the system and model of your device, version of your operating system, and statistical information about the equipment of your device such as the processor, short-term memory, internal memory, application versions and similar data. This information could be used as statistical data for improvement of our system including security policies, but not limited to those alone. You can use third party services (such as Facebook and others) to share personal data while creating an account in Shili Media Group. Only personal data with public access will be collected in the case of using third party services.

Shili Media Group does not have direct or indirect intention to collect more personal data than we ask of you during the registration You can manage the information that we collect through third party services by changing the extent of public access to your personal data in those services according to their Privacy Policies. Processing of Personal Data Without infringement of personal protection and in accordance with Dutch, European, and international Data Protection Law, Shili Media Group has the right to use all data collected for actions or a set of actions, including the collection, recording, organization, storage, updating or modification, retrieval, consultation, use, dissemination by means of transmission, distribution or display in any other form, merging, linking, as well as blocking, erasure or destruction of data (“processing”). Your personal data is processed according to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of Shili Media Group. Shili Media Group will store personal data on a special database in the server of third parties (the “provider”). This provider stores personal data in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the special agreement between us and this provider.

All provider activity related to personal data is regulated by the Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy and the provider’s Privacy Policy. The provider guarantees additional security measures to your personal data with relation to the server where all data is saved. Your personal data is also protected from unauthorized access from the third parties through our encryption during transmission, storage, and other processing of personal data to increase the level of safety of your personal data. With respect to your privacy and following the requirements of data protection, your personal data is used by Shili Media Group only after its depersonalization, mixing and modification. The modification of information is the final step of creating statistical reports. All results of public opinion become public only after the users’ voluntary participation in survey questions, with the option of users’ preliminary research into the topic discussed in the different articles.