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As Africa emerges as a significant player in the global economy, those wanting to participate in trade with African countries should learn fluent Swahili.

Swahili Everywhere The exciting new Swahili Everywhere language app offers the opportunity to learn fluent Swahili. Fluent Swahili speakers and writers are well-positioned to participate fully in the rapidly expanding global market.

Why Swahili ? Africa is emerging as a significant player in this market. Shili J Somi owns the advertising company Shili Media Group LLC . This company dedicates itself to helping its clients succeed in the business world through promotional videos, website design, motion graphics and many other marketing services.

What inspired Swahili Everywhere? In his mission to promote commerce, Shili looked at the global economy and realized a very significant fact. He saw Africa taking its place as an emerging player in the global market. However, anyone who wants to enjoy the fruits of Africa’s productivity should be fluent in the most widely spoken language on the continent – Swahili. Shili saw that although there were Swahili courses available through apps, they were not helping users learn fluent Swahili, the way native speakers and writers actually communicate. So, he developed an app that teaches the language using native speakers from the Republic of Tanzania where it originated. After all, the best source for learning a language always starts with native speakers. Enjoy economic advantages when you learn fluent Swahili.

They are as follows:

  • With more than 100 million people speaking Swahili throughout the African continent, those interested in fostering trade relationships there should definitely master the language to have a “leg up” on their competition.
  • Adding Swahili to one’s language skills advances the global economy.
  • Knowledge of Swahili promotes international cultural exchange.
  • Finally, learning fluent Swahili contributes to tourism. With that in mind, SwahiliEverwhereoffers anyone who is ready to do business in Africa the ability to communicate clearly with native Swahili speakers.

Becoming fluent in Swahili can help you enjoy the benefits that trade in Africa provides. You will not find a better way to achieve this than with the Swahili Everywhere app. So, check out all we offer and take the plunge into a new language experience.