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Do you need to communicate in writing with fluent Swahili speakers? Our Swahili app teaches you proper spelling and sentence construction.

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Need help talking with someone in Swahili? We offer more than 200 courses filled with helpful content created by expert linguists. They can easily take you from zero to language hero.

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No countless, tedious hours in front of a computer practicing your Swahili skills. You can practice using your smart phone wherever you are and whenever you want – from waiting for lunch at the corner café to walking in the park or relaxing in your favorite chair.

Learn proper Swahili from Tanzania

With more than 100 million people speaking Swahili throughout the African continent, those interested in fostering trade relationships there should definitely master the language to have a leg up on their competition. Adding Swahili to one’s language skills advances the global economy. Knowledge of Swahili promotes international cultural exchange. As a bonus, learning fluent Swahili contributes to tourism.

With that in mind, SwahiliEverywhere offers anyone who is ready to do business with or visit Africa the ability to communicate clearly with native Swahili speakers. You will not find a better way to achieve this than with the Swahili Everywhere app.

The SwahiliEverywhere app, available on Android and Apple, gives you access to Swahili language lessons using real, native-speakers'​ voice recordings in tests, flashcards, videos, and blog posts. Forget about using language-learning apps with voice-generating AI's—or bots—that will not be able to efficiently teach you to speak like a native. The only app you can trust to teach you to speak Swahili the way it is spoken across the African continent is SwahiliEverywhere.

Swahili is the “lingua franca” of the east African community, which means that the language has been adopted as the common language between people who speak different native languages in their own countries. Africa's goals are to: (1) achieve greater unity and solidarity throughout other African countries, (2) promote peace, stability, and safety on the African continent, and (3) play its rightful role in the global economy and international negotiations. Help the cause—learn Swahili. Try the exciting new language app that offers the opportunity to learn fluent Swahili the way native speakers and writers actually communicate across the African continent.

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You will not find a better way to achieve this than with the Swahili Everywhere app. So, check out all we offer and take the plunge into a new language experience.

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Learn proper Swahili from native speakers from Tanzania.

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Practice your conversational Swahili skills with native speakers.

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Learn proper Swahili from Tanzania. The land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, and Ngorongoro.

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